The curriculum we teach at the Karate Club LLC progressively builds up from a bare minimum foundation. In order to achieve a more advance technique you'll first have to perfect the more basic ones.
Discipline helps us achieve these things, but having it be a more progressive curriculum helps it become a more achievable goal.
​These things won't be achieved without dedication and discipline.




The discipline leads to confidence.
With discipline you start executing more techniques properly. Executing techniques properly leads to confidence. Confidence in martial arts bleeds into confidence in other areas of life.




Martial Arts is best known for it's effective Self Defense skills. At Karate Club LLC we will teach you the tools necessary for defending yourself against aggressors of difference shapes and sizes. Students will start by learning combinations to use against attackers, and soon after, defending yourself from an attacker will become instinct.


Health Benefits


Martial Arts is one of best total body activities. There are many health benefits including: increased mobility and flexibility, refined strength and power, and improved stability and coordination.
Other health benefits of Martial Arts are: lowered blood pressure and heart rate, improved mental concentration, and stress relief.




At Karate Club LLC we offer an Intro package for $63! Students to go from no belt to white belt to gold belt.
This includes test fees and a uniform.
​Easy payment options through PayPal in the payment tab on the home page, or check, cash and credit card at the studio.

​Students are encouraged to attend as many classes each week that are offered. Regular attendance is required for advancement and frequency varies by belt.